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We’ve been there, too.

Navigating life’s transitions. Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paperwork and tasks. Unsure of who to call first and what to do next. Feeling like there was no space to grieve.

We understand that whether you’re legacy planning or handling the death of a loved one, managing the business of death can be completely overwhelming.

And we’ve walked this road alone so you don’t have to.

Which is why it’s our mission to help as many families as possible create space to live worry-free and grieve in peace.

Meet our Founder, Rachel Donnelly

Some days I feel like a real-life Little Orphan Annie whose life should be subtitled “Death Becomes Her.”
(I’m joking! Sort of.) 

Growing up, I used to accompany my father on his house calls and hospital rounds, which gave me a deep understanding of compassion and leaning into hard spaces. When I was 16, my father passed away at the age of 48. A few years later, we moved my grandmother to an assisted living home where she passed shortly after.

Several years later, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly thereafter. Her passing left me with five houses to clean out and sell, as well as her role as caregiver for my uncle. After my uncle passed away, I assumed the role of Co-Executrix of his estate.

Needless to say… I’ve dealt with a lot of death. And in these instances — especially the two where I was Executor — there were so many decisions to make and tasks to complete. 

And I was doing it all while trying to work full time, raise two small kids, run a house and stay married (because let’s be honest… life never stops, not even for death).

I vividly remember standing in the parking lot of the bank after spending hours trying to (unsuccessfully) open an estate banking account and thinking to myself, “Why isn’t there someone who can help project manage this dumpster fire?!” 

Which is how AfterLight came to be. 

I created this business because this is the service I wish I had available to me then. Many times over, I’ve been where you are right now. I understand how overwhelming and emotionally taxing it can be. But you don’t have to do this alone. 

My team and I are here to help you manage the expected and unexpected of end-of-life. Whether you’re looking for someone to help legacy plan, or you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one and don’t know where to start, we have ample experience in taking tasks off your plate so you can free up space to breathe. 

When you're ready for help, I'm here for you. 

Rachel Donnelly

CEO | Founder

More about me.

I am a graduate of Agnes Scott College and I live in Decatur with my husband Zack and our two amazing children.

I serve on the Board of Directors of Love Not Lost, an Atlanta based non-profit that provides grief tools and free photography sessions for families facing terminal diagnoses.

I am a co-founder of Professionals of After Loss Services (PALS), which is a training and support network for industry professionals who provide services to individuals and families after the loss of a loved one.

AfterLight is on a mission to:

  • Lighten loads and lighten hearts for those who have recently lost a loved one and aren’t sure where to begin managing all the tasks that come after a loss
  • Foster a lightened emotional burden and reduce stress levels
  • Encourage light-hearted moments and laughter with family and friends
  • Promote a lightness in terms of physical belongings and possessions, knowing that they have been sorted and dealt with in a meaningful way
  • Help provide light-filled memories and moments of the loved one who has passed away
  • Light the way for those who want to preserve their story, protect their family and capture the critical details people often forget to pass on
  • Provide clarity, ensuring light at the end of the tunnel

Aren't sure where to start?

We totally get it. This process can be super overwhelming! We offer free consultations where you can ask questions, get information, and talk things through with someone who’s been there.