Back to basics: Ways to work with me in 2023

Back to basics: Ways to work with me in 2023 Rachel Donnelly January 11, 2023
Back to basics: Ways to work with me in 2023

Over the holidays, my family and I (unintentionally) got back to the basics. You see, we booked a cabin in the North Carolina mountains that had it all – a huge stone fireplace, adirondack chairs by the river, an outdoor fire pit perfect for s’mores, fishing poles, board games and more. It had everything….everything but wi-fi or cell service. So any hopes I had of keeping up with my email or staying connected went out the window. 

The cabin did, however, have a good ol’ fashioned landline phone. To my surprise, something unexpected happened: my kids were obsessed with it. They immediately called anyone and everyone who would pick up the phone.  They didn’t really have much to say, they just wanted to use this simple but ancient relic of communication. 

This gave me a thought. Oftentimes there are so many other options, that it can be easy to get away from the basics of picking up the phone. In the case of potential clients, they may not know the right way to reach out, when to reach or even the right words to use. The act of picking up the phone is so simple yet so effective. You may not have the words to use because you’re so overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, but we can help with that. So, If you find yourself in that predicament, just pick up the phone.

With that in mind I thought I’d get back to the basics and remind you (or your friends, family, colleagues, and clients) how you might benefit from our services here at AfterLight.

If you are someone who recently lost a loved one…
Our After Loss Consulting services are our bread and butter. We’ve been in your shoes (more than once) and are here to ease the heavy load that comes with losing someone and absorbing all the “to-dos” such as…

  • Closing, transferring or canceling accounts
  • Managing or navigating the estate or probate process
  • Assisting with disposing or donating of personal items
  • …and so much more. See the full list of what’s included in our After Loss services here.

If you are ready to get your own affairs in order (no matter your age – you’re never too young or old)…

Our Legacy Planning services are tried and true and here to support you. After all, planning ahead is the best gift you can give your friends and family. Let us help you with…

  • Important documents and information such as wills, POA’s, deeds, titles, birth certificates, beneficiary designations, etc.
  • Organizing your digital assets, which includes your online accounts, social media and passwords
  • Preserving memories, recipes, stories, and photographs
  • …along with many other tasks you may not even realize matter! See the whole list here.

If you are an attorney, financial advisor, senior care provider, or in another relevant industry…

  • What specific tasks are your executor or probate clients struggling with?
  • Do you have a patient or someone you’re caring for who needs help downsizing?
  • Anyone you know or are working with who could benefit from our After Loss or Legacy Planning services, we’re here for them (and in turn, for you!). We’re ready to talk with you to discuss the specifics and make a plan to help your clients in the best way possible. Request a networking meeting here.

Please know, your needs do not need to fit inside a specific box in order to work with us. We’re here to help and if that looks a different way than what we described above, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with us so we figure out what working together looks like. 

Thank you for your support so far, whether locally or from afar, and we wish you the best in 2023!