What Does Peach Ice Cream Have To Do With Legacy Planning?

What Does Peach Ice Cream Have To Do With Legacy Planning? Rachel Donnelly June 27, 2023
What Does Peach Ice Cream Have To Do With Legacy Planning?

As we approach July 4th coming up in just a week’s time, my mind becomes consumed by the delightful craving for peach ice cream. 

Each year growing up, we would go to our family lake house for the holiday. We would grill ribs, eat potato salad, set off fireworks and then make homemade peach ice cream in one of those vintage wood bucket ice cream makers. My sister and I would sit next to it, tossing in rock salt every so often and counting the minutes until it was done. I cherish those memories with my family, but most of all I cherish the peach ice cream. 😉 

One of the ways we help clients at AfterLight is with legacy planning, which includes making sure important documents are in order, checking if beneficiaries are up to date, writing down a list of online accounts, etc. There are so many pieces to think about when you’re working on the legacy you want to leave to those you love.What about the things you don’t typically think about, but are just as important? 

Things like… 

  • The romantic story of how you and your partner met that you want your great grandchildren to know.
  • Your award-winning recipe for southern pecan pie that your family will be requesting at Thanksgiving for years to come.
  • The numerous passwords on your digital accounts that serve as your digital footprint. 
  • Your specific remembrance wishes, so your family knows exactly how to honor you and your memory and can do so in peace.
  • And of course, the recipe for that 4th of July peach ice cream.

Didn’t think about those, did you?!

Let’s face it…planning your legacy can feel incredibly overwhelming, especially when there are aspects of it that  you haven’t even thought of! It would be much easier if there was a process you could follow to make sure nothing is left out.That’s where we come in. At AfterLight, we’re here to help you preserve your story, protect your family, and capture the critical details people often forget to pass on with our customized Legacy Planning Services.

We also have some great recommendations of other ways you can preserve and safeguard your legacy for generations to come. Below are a few of our favorite tips and tools. We hope you enjoy learning about them. Reach out if you’d like to learn more about our customized Legacy Planning Services. 

In the meantime, take some time to stop and smell the peaches. 


Here are some of my favorite legacy planning tools, curated just for you!

Artifcts – From saving memories while decluttering to preserving the value behind your things, Artifcts gives you a digital way to organize stuff and capture the meaning behind objects.

Infinity Trunk – The world’s only fireproof and waterproof keepsake trunk; protecting your pass, present, and future.

Keylu – A Keylu account provides one central, safe and secure place to store and manage all of your important personal, legal and financial information, together with precious photos, videos and memories.

Life Time Memoirs – A professional autobiography writing service capturing your memories and a lifetime of experiences in handcrafted memoirs to share with your family and future generations. Call their memoir experts on 844-586-1180 to discover more.

Pixorium – Customized services to help you preserve the photos, tell the stories, and highlight the memories that matter most.