Introducing Legacy Scans: A New Way to Preserve Your Beloved Family Home

Introducing Legacy Scans: A New Way to Preserve Your Beloved Family Home Rachel Donnelly February 23, 2024
Introducing Legacy Scans: A New Way to Preserve Your Beloved Family Home

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, reflections on love – not solely the love for people but also for cherished places and treasured possessions – have been at the forefront of my thoughts. I’m not here to wax poetic about my family (much as I adore them), but rather to share a deep affection for another significant part of my life: my grandparents’ home in Eastern Tennessee, pictured above.

This ancestral haven, established in 1890, witnessed generations of my family’s history, from my great-grandparents’ era to my mother’s childhood. After my mother’s passing, we faced the heart-wrenching decision to sell this Victorian gem brimming with decades of memories, from china and silverware to big brown furniture to handwritten letters and more. The notion of transforming it into a static museum to encapsulate our family’s legacy was tempting but impractical.

A common dilemma I encounter with clients involves the emotional turmoil of parting with a parent’s belongings or the family home. The fear of losing connection to those memories is palpable.

Imagine, though, a solution that allows you to preserve and revisit not just the physical space, and the beloved items inside, but the essence of those memories. *Introducing AfterLight’s new service: virtual scans and tours of properties using the cutting-edge Matterport technology. More than just a tool for real estate, Matterport brings spaces to life, creating immersive 3D models that offer a digital bridge to our past.

Take the case of my client, William, tasked with an executor’s duties as unique as they come. His uncle’s will demanded a meticulous inventory of every belonging. Through a Matterport scan, not only were we able to fulfill this request, but we also provided a way for the family to virtually visit the home and choose keepsakes, connecting them to their heritage in a modern way (Click here and here for a preview).

With this technology, William—and potentially you—can step back into those cherished spaces at any moment, keeping the legacy alive. 

Additionally, the versatility of the scan and virtual twin model opens up a world of unique applications. You can:

  • Tag objects within the scan and add notes for a personalized inventory or memories associated with specific items.
  • Measure spaces and items directly within the 3D model, simplifying tasks like furniture fitting or room planning.
  • Share the virtual experience with individuals who can’t be there in person, including family members, art appraisers, estate liquidators, auction houses, real estate agents, and more, making it an invaluable tool for remote collaboration and decision-making.

How I wish this technology had been available for my grandmother’s home. It’s a chance to virtually return, to stroll through the rooms filled with love and memories, anytime I wish.

Are you ready to preserve your cherished memories in a way that honors the past while embracing the future? Let’s create a lasting digital legacy of the spaces and items that mean the most to you. Contact us today to learn more about our Legacy Scans service and to schedule your free consultation.

*This service is for Atlanta clients only