Reflecting on 2023: Stories of Support and Compassion

Reflecting on 2023: Stories of Support and Compassion Rachel Donnelly December 13, 2023
Reflecting on 2023: Stories of Support and Compassion

As we bid farewell to 2023, I find myself reflecting on a year of meaningful transformations and heartfelt client stories. Even with the transition from Black Dress Consultants to AfterLight, my dedication to helping clients navigate the intricacies of estate administration remains steadfast. Here’s a deeper look into a few of the lives I’ve touched this year.

Client Stories and Highlights

Eric’s Complex Estate: When Eric’s stepfather, Robert, passed away, he found himself entangled in a multi-state, contentious estate without any clear knowledge of assets or debts. Juggling his role as a financial executive and family commitments, Eric needed a helping hand. Our team jumped in to conduct a thorough discovery and organization of debts and assets, facilitated the transfer of retirement assets to Eric’s mom, handled the estate cleanout and auction, and prepared the house for sale. We even took care of the landscaping to appease the HOA—all without Eric needing to leave his home state.

Anne’s Overwhelming Grief: Anne, a teacher known for her meticulous organization, was left reeling from the loss of her husband, Jake. Though they had prepared their estate well, Anne was overwhelmed with grief and the daunting task of finalizing Jake’s affairs. We assisted Anne in organizing paperwork, submitting claim forms, and managing some of the details of Jake’s celebration of life. During our work, we uncovered a checking account that required probate intervention, promptly connecting Anne with a suitable estate planning attorney and introducing her to financial advisors to secure her future.

Helen’s Health and Legacy: At 71, Helen faced significant health challenges and was concerned about her complex estate, including a special needs trust for her son and a considerable amount of Delta SkyMiles. Our team meticulously organized her estate planning documents and created a legacy planning binder. We helped Helen understand her current estate plan, set up a meeting with a new attorney, and strategized the use of her SkyMiles to ensure they didn’t go to waste.

Want to learn more about our services? Here’s an overview:

Legacy Planning: Crafting stories and securing details that are often overlooked or forgotten. Visit our website to learn more about our signature Legacy Building Formula.

After Loss Consulting: Compassionate guidance when you need it most. Click here to learn more about how we can help you navigate the tasks associated with losing a loved one.

Insights and Learnings

Reflecting on 2023, I’ve learned that sometimes you have to slow down to speed up, which will undoubtedly shape our approach in the upcoming year.

Looking Forward to 2024

We’re gearing up for some exciting developments – stay tuned!

ICYMI / Things to Know This Week

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“Rachel was extremely helpful during my family’s time of need after losing a couple of members to COVID. She’s very professional and prompt, and provided several resources to help us get things straightened out with after death family and financial matters. She pointed out a lot of items that need to be handled that we didn’t even think about. I would definitely recommend her business and services to anyone that needs that extra support during difficult times. I can’t express my appreciation for her help enough.” – Jason H.

“Rachel did an amazing job helping me close down the estate of a family member who passed earlier last year. She has a great deal of empathy, patience, and persistence. She successfully helped me navigate numerous matters that seemed intractable initially. I simply could not have survived this past year without her assistance. I recommend her to anyone who is dealing with end of life and after loss tasks. I only wish I had discovered her earlier!” – Somak Chattopadhyay

“Rachel is knowledgeable, sensitive, supportive, and maintains accountability in an environment where it can often be difficult to make the next step. I engaged her for my own end of life planning, and coincidentally, my father passed days after my last session with her. While not at all the ideal, I was able to better navigate everything that needed to be handled as a function of my discussions with her on my own planning, and I’m extremely grateful for that. I wholeheartedly and without any reservation recommend her planning services; she is truly an unusual find.” – Amy

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