Birthdays: The Unofficial Roast for the Living

Birthdays: The Unofficial Roast for the Living Rachel Donnelly November 15, 2023
Birthdays: The Unofficial Roast for the Living

It’s my birthday, and between contemplating the existential significance of cake and wondering if I can get away with counting only the candles that didn’t melt, I had a thought:

Why do we save our deepest reflections and heartfelt sentiments for funerals when the guest of honor can’t even snort-laugh at the punchlines?

Picture this: A world where we roast our loved ones with kindness while they’re still around to enjoy it. A world where “I love yous” and “She lit up the room” are served up like slices of birthday cake—frequently and with gusto.

So, in the spirit of living like we mean it, let’s flip the script:

Write a note that’s more heartfelt than a teenager’s diary entry.
Share what you genuinely feel about your relationship. Mention specific moments or qualities that make them awesome. Make it a message they will read and know that they are valued, appreciated, and genuinely cared for.

Dial up a pal and reminisce until you’re both laughing so hard you forget why you called.
Talk about the good stuff. Reminisce about the hilarious moments you’ve shared or the crazy adventures you’ve been on together. Let the conversation take a joyous trip down memory lane. Forget the formalities and focus on creating a fresh, happy memory in real time.

Lob a compliment like it’s the last bouquet you’ll ever toss, and aim to make someone’s day.
Don’t hold back on compliments! If someone’s doing something great, let them know. Whether it’s a colleague, friend, or family member, be vocal about what you admire in them. Be the person who spreads positivity and encouragement, making someone’s day a bit brighter with your words.

Don’t wait until the right moment or a special occasion to show how much you care. Don’t wait until the funeral. Express your gratitude and love now, in this moment. So, drop that note, make that call, and give those compliments.

Call to Action: In your enthusiasm to spread love and joy, also consider the practical side of life’s journey. Organize your legacy not just for yourself, but as a gift to your family. Don’t leave them with uncertainties; leave them with a testament of your life and love.

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