That’s not a ghost. That’s my mom.

That’s not a ghost. That’s my mom. Rachel Donnelly October 15, 2020
That’s not a ghost. That’s my mom.

People often wonder why I chose Black Dress Consultants as a name for my business. Besides the obvious reasons that people wear black to funerals, there’s a bit more to the story. 

As a research librarian and self-described historian, my mother was an expert on the practice of Victorian mourning in 19th century America. She worked as a docent at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta dressed to the nines in her time period black hoop skirt, veil, blouse, shoes, and more. In this picture, she is dressed as a Civil War widow in the first stage of mourning. My sister and I would frequently be embarrassed to be seen with her dressed like that and do rock-paper-scissors to see whose turn it was to drop mom off at the cemetery. Yet, it’s what she loved and what she was good at.

My mother’s passing was one of several life experiences that contributed to my founding of this company, so it was only appropriate that I honor her memory and her favorite pastime by referencing that very Black Dress in my business name. A few modern touches here and there to the brand image and there you have it – Black Dress Consultants was born. 

I founded this company with one thing in mind: making end-of-life transitions easier. If you or someone you know is thinking of planning ahead and getting affairs in order in advance, or if you or someone you know recently lost a loved one and have no idea where to start with what they left behind, we’re here to help and we’re ready to chat when you are. Just schedule a free consult – absolutely no obligations or strings attached.