Clark Griswold would be proud…

Clark Griswold would be proud… Rachel Donnelly June 21, 2022
Clark Griswold would be proud…
NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION, Anthony Michael Hall, Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Dana Barron, 1983

My sister was recently cleaning out some papers and found my dad’s “trip tik” from one of our vacations out west. Since my dad was a doctor, every notepad in our house was from a drug rep, so it was no surprise that our vacation schedule was documented on paper promoting some random antibiotic. 

When my sister first sent these to me, I laughed and shook my head. My dad was known for planning these overzealous Clark Griswold-esque vacations where it was required to pack in as many activities, visit as many sights and travel as many miles as humanly possible. 

However, what is really special to me about these pieces of paper is that this was one of our last family vacations before my dad got really sick and passed away. Not only am I glad to have this trip tik preserved because it brings back so many forgotten memories, but I’m recreating this trip (albeit a much more relaxed version) with my husband and kids during our vacation out west this summer. 

One of the greatest gifts we can give our family is a legacy plan that preserves your story, protects your family and captures the critical details people often forget to pass on. With so much to consider in legacy planning, it’s easy to overlook those family memories from years gone by.

There are so many pieces to think about when you’re working on the legacy you want to leave to those you love, like making sure your finances and documents are in order, protecting your assets, etc. But what about the things you don’t typically think about, but are just as important? 

Things like… 

  • The romantic story of how you and your partner met that you want your great-grandchildren to know
  • Your award-winning recipe for pecan pie that your family will be requesting for Thanksgiving for years to come 
  • The numerous passwords on your digital accounts that serve as your digital footprint 
  • Your specific remembrance wishes, so your family knows exactly how to honor you and your memory and can do so in peace
  • And, that family vacation out west where you traveled 1500 miles in 5 days because your dad was insane

Didn’t think about those, did you?! I get it. When you’re focused on the larger tasks, it’s easy for mementos like these to slip through the cracks. 

At Black Dress Consultants, our goal is to help clients create a legacy plan that captures important details (including those infamous family vacations!) so your family can settle your affairs with ease instead of anguish after you’re gone. 

Curious as to how we can help you? Reach out today so that those scraps of paper, and ultimately legendary family memories, are safeguarded.