How to simplify death.

How to simplify death. Rachel Donnelly June 8, 2022
How to simplify death.

Matters of death can be complicated and complex. Many of my clients come to me because they simply feel too overwhelmed – and having been there before, I totally get it! 
Did you know that on average, the process of unwinding and closing affairs after the death of a loved one can take over 400 hours?. 400 HOURS! Who has that kind of time when all you want to (and should need to do) do is grieve? 
That’s where after loss professionals like us can help you. We step in and assist you either with your own legacy planning needs, or we help you resolve the belongings and accounts that you inherit.
If this resonates, I invite you to watch a recent Instagram Live that I did with my friends over at TGBeyond. I teamed up with them to discuss how we can simplify death. I promise it’s worth the watch! Click here or the video below to watch now, and whenever you’re ready to work with us, we’ll be right here.