Got stuff?

Got stuff? Rachel Donnelly September 29, 2022
Got stuff?

We all have stuff. Some of us have a lot, some of us have a little, and some of us have way too much. We’ll cut to the chase…

What happens to all your stuff when you die?

In most cases, our surviving loved ones are left to sift through the clothing, electronics, antiques, salt and pepper shaker collections, and stacks of magazines from the 1990s. In many of those cases, a team of professionals are brought in to run an estate sale, or the aforementioned next-of-kin will donate items to thrift stores. And in even more cases, most of this stuff ultimately ends up in a landfill. 

So what are some other, more eco-friendly options? I’m glad you asked!

Luckily, these days there are many places to turn to when it comes to disposing or recycling your or your loved one’s belongings. Besides, there’s already enough garbage on this planet, why not do what we can to help make a small difference in the name of closet purging or estate cleanout? 

Below are a few resources we here at AfterLight sing the praises of. Perhaps you’ve heard of some of them already, or perhaps not! Either way, they are tried and true and a great way to up-cycle, re-cycle, or dispose of belongings safely. And with that we say, cheers to less stuff!

If you’re in Atlanta, here are a few of my favorites:

If you’re not in Atlanta or need more resources, here are some ideas for you: