New website, who dis?

New website, who dis? Rachel Donnelly September 14, 2022
New website, who dis?

I have a new website! 

This makeover was long overdue and I am excited to finally share the finished product with you. But first, here’s why I did it.

As an after loss professional and legacy consultant, my top priority is to serve my clientele, both current and future, in the best way possible. This means one thing to me: if you’re my client or plan to be, my job is to make your life easier. My entire business was built on the idea of making things easier for my clients (hence our tagline, “helping the living deal with dying”), so making sure information and resources are easily and readily available on my website was a crucial key to living up to that expectation.

So now, when you visit my website you’ll not only be greeted with a better aesthetic, but you’ll also be able to access the following information (plus more!) with little to no effort:

  1. What’s our story and why should you choose to work with us?
  2. Exactly who do we help, and how do we help them?
  3. Who are our trusted partners and what resources do we recommend?
  4. Schedule a consult with us in just a few clicks!

Here at AfterLight, our clients are top of mind all the time, and considering them while giving our website a makeover was no exception to that rule. So without further ado, check out our new website here