My mess is my message.

My mess is my message. Rachel Donnelly August 3, 2022
My mess is my message.

Recently I was listening to a podcast featuring business leader and peak performance expert Ed Mylett, when he said something that stopped me in my tracks… “Let your mess be your message.”. These words spoke to me so clearly because oftentimes, it feels as if have to quantify or justify what training, education, and expertise we’ve received to do what it is we do professionally. However, I am a firm believer that many of our special talents are things that can’t be taught and therefore, my mess is what qualifies me to help others. 

My mess = losing both parents too soon, among other family members, and thus being left to literally clean up LOTS of messy affairs. Going through these experiences is what led me to create Black Dress Consultants because I know firsthand, death is messy.  In fact, I’m gonna go ahead and declare that I have a Ph.D. in After Loss Dumpster Fire Management.

People are often very interested to hear how I help clients. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked about what we do. I hope reading these will help you learn more about the foundation of who we are and if our services could be beneficial to you or someone you know.

When do we start working with clients?

  • We can start working with you at two different times:
    1. Before you die to help you get your affairs in order ahead of time, so your family can focus on what matters most once you’re gone- remembering you.
    2. After a loved one in your life passes away and you’ve been left to handle anything from their estate to their paperwork, to their Netflix account. We’ve got your back in every scenario.

What are the top 3 tasks we can help you with?

  1. Task Triage: Beyond just helping clients tackle their to-do list, we help our clients figure out what their to-do list even is in the first place! We walk through everything and determine what tasks need to be done and how to prioritize them. 
  2. Assisting with paperwork: From life insurance forms, title transfers, or retitling accounts such as rolling over retirement funds and other financial documents, just to name a few.
  3. Estate cleanouts: Did your loved one live in a home filled with antiques and knick-knacks and you have no idea what to do with them? Or are you left with closets full of their clothes, books, and electronics? We’ll help you determine what is valuable that you may want to keep, and we handle the rest.

What does it cost to work with us?

  • Packages start at $2,500 and vary based on the scope of what you need help with. We know our clients or their loved one’s affairs are a priority, so we have priced our packages in a way that brings our clients the utmost value so they can relieve themselves of the majority of the burden when it comes to dealing with death. 

These three questions cover just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about us and get a more detailed idea of what we do by reviewing our website, including our full list of services here.