Drink wine + support others in grief

Drink wine + support others in grief Rachel Donnelly August 15, 2022
Drink wine + support others in grief

There are countless organizations out there doing some great things for our community. But how many can you name that have made it their sole mission to help others feel supported grief?

Can’t think of many, can you? Well, please meet Love Not Lost.

No matter who they are training, serving, or supporting, one question drives Love Not Lost’s every action: “how can we love people better?”

By training creatives how to provide free portrait/film sessions to serve people and families facing terminal diagnosis, bringing grief training to the workplace as well as creating free tools to support others better, Love Not Lost is helping to answer this question every day.

In order to help LNL continue to inspire a ripple effect of healing, please join us for a wine tasting experience featuring red, white, & rose wines with snack pairings THIS THURSDAY August 18th at 8pm at the Elevator Factory in downtown Atlanta where you’ll get to meet the newest staff members and hear more about the vision for the community. Enjoy an evening with meaningful conversation and fun memories while supporting people in grief at the same time! See all the details here.

Why are you still reading this? JOIN ME THERE!