“…Do You Guys Ever Think About Dying?”

“…Do You Guys Ever Think About Dying?” Rachel Donnelly July 26, 2023
“…Do You Guys Ever Think About Dying?”

I never thought I’d say this, but I owe a world of thanks to Barbie. Let me explain. Just like in Barbieland, we live in a world where everyone avoids talking about dying at all cost. However, Barbie’s existential crisis just gave me a huge segue to talk about my favorite subject.  So, in today’s newsletter I’ll be showing some appreciation to her.

One thing that Barbie and I have in common is that we don’t avoid the subject of dying. After all, my career as an after loss consultant is dedicated to helping people who have experienced the death of someone they love. When I tell people what I do, they typically have a lot of questions. One question I get asked frequently is “How do you help clients?” So, since we are talking about dying now (thanks, Barbie), I thought I’d try to answer this question. And as a tribute to Barbie for bringing up this topic, I thought I would answer it Barbie-style.

So, without further ado I’d like to introduce you to… After Loss Barbie

She’s not your stereotypical Barbie! After Loss Barbie is here to make a difference and ease the burden after losing a loved one. And just like all Barbies, she embraces multiple roles, including….

  • “Executor Coach” – After Loss Barbie ensures legal matters and important paperwork are in order , helping you to navigate the complex world of estate administration like a pro!
  •  “Asset Sleuth” – Equipped with her magnifying glass, After Loss Barbie is always on the hunt for hidden accounts and unclaimed property! 
  •  “Financial Guru” – From canceling recurring subscriptions to gathering assets and debts, After Loss Barbie has all the financial know-how to keep your estate in order.
  •  “Heartfelt Supporter” – With her compassionate heart, After Loss Barbie is there to lend a listening ear and offer emotional support during difficult times.
  • “Digital Diva” – After Loss Barbie knows the importance of digital assets and has the keys to close accounts and lock down your loved one’s online presence.
  •  “Estate Organizer” – She’s the queen of organization, with a planner that keeps track of all important dates, estimates and tasks.
  • “Cleanout Captain” – After Loss Barbie can skillfully create a detailed plan to empty the contents of a home in preparation for sale.
  • “Thoughtful Communicator” – Whether it’s notifying beneficiaries or contacting government agencies, After Loss Barbie’s communication skills are top-notch.
  •  “Paperwork Princess” – She comes with pens, paperclips and notary stamp to help complete forms and bureaucratic paperwork. 
  • “Supportive Community” – After Loss Barbie is part of a supportive community, always ready to share knowledge and provide referrals to attorneys, financial planners, accountants, etc.

Get ready to embark on a meaningful adventure with After Loss Barbie, where she empowers you to take charge of estate management with ease and grace.

But seriously, coming back down from Barbieland to The Real World, I’m an after loss consultant ready to help you navigate the unavoidable logistics of death together. If we can help you or someone you know, reach out any time.

P.S. Even though she was having an existential crisis, Barbie was on to something. Apparently, talking about death can make you happier. Read more about it in this article!