What’s the password?

What’s the password? Rachel Donnelly April 13, 2022
What’s the password?

Here’s a question that has crossed everyone’s lips at one point or another: “What’s the password?”

This is a question that many loved ones will surely come across when it’s time for them to organize a family member’s digital assets after they’ve passed. Digital assets are everywhere and everyone has them. Even your most non-techy family member or friend has some sort of password or online account that holds precious information. It’s just the times we live in right now.

More often than not, loved ones are left guessing passwords and likely spending their own precious time and energy calling companies to be granted access to the accounts of their dearly departed. But here at Black Dress Consultants, we want to help those loved ones take the guesswork out of guessing passwords. We help our clients get their digital assets in order before anyone even has a chance to mutter the question “what’s the password?”.

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