How can you work with us?

How can you work with us? Rachel Donnelly April 5, 2022
How can you work with us?

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is when and how we work with clients.

Whether you’re moving through the grief of losing a loved one, or you’re looking ahead at life’s transitions and want to ensure you leave your family well prepared, dealing with death can be incredibly difficult. 

 Here are the ways you can work with us:

After Loss Consulting
For those who have recently lost a loved one and aren’t sure where to begin managing all the tasks that come after a loss. 

Legacy Planning
For those who want to preserve your story, protect your family, and capture the critical details people often forget to pass on.

In Lieu of Flowers Package
Instead of sending a ham or casserole, gift our services to someone who has recently lost a loved one.

Webinars, Podcasts or IG Lives
Interested in partnering to host an educational event? I’m up for that too! 

Our goal is to help give individuals and families the space to grieve, either by helping with legacy planning and organization beforehand or to help manage tasks and logistics after a loss. We know that managing legacy planning and after loss tasks can be completely overwhelming and therefore, are here to offer solutions for life’s transitions when you need us.

And speaking of webinars, I have some good news! On April 20th from 12pm-1pm Eastern, I’m teaming up with Hurley Elder Care Law to chat all about what makes up your digital estate, how it compares to your traditional estate, and why you should be protecting both of them!

Register today via the link here