Black Dress Consultants Turns 2!

Black Dress Consultants Turns 2! Rachel Donnelly February 16, 2022
Black Dress Consultants Turns 2!

Hi Friends,
When I started Black Dress Consultants in February 2020, I had no idea the shaky ground on which I was establishing this new venture. There’s no need to revisit what happened in March 2020.

February 2022 marks Black Dress Consultants’ 2nd birthday and every day I wake up with a renewed energy to change and reinvent the way we approach legacy planning and after loss. 

As I wrap up year 2 of Black Dress Consultants, it’s hard to not focus on some of the numbers that have gotten us here: 

Countless networking meetings conducted

1,000+ social media posts created
350+ hours of consulting time provided
100+ proposals, contracts, complimentary consultations given
25+ blogs and newsletters written
Clients from 10 different states

My goal in starting this business was to help guide as many clients as possible with their end-of-life needs. And while that is still my goal, even if I were to help just one client, that would mean success for me.

I want to take the opportunity to thank the many clients who have entrusted me to guide them, the industry partners who have looked to me as a thought leader, and the colleagues who have recommended and supported me.

I look forward to seeing what year 3 of Black Dress Consultants will bring. My team and I are here to help you manage the expected and unexpected of end-of-life. Whether you’re looking for someone to help legacy plan, or you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one and don’t know where to start, we have ample experience in taking tasks off your plate so you can free up space to breathe. 

Aren’t sure where to start? Schedule a free consultation where you can ask questions, get information, and talk things through with someone who’s been there.