So I started another company…

So I started another company… Rachel Donnelly August 31, 2022
So I started another company…

When I first started this company, I struggled with how to identify myself professionally. I would attend a networking event, meet a mom on the soccer field or be at a happy hour and people would ask, what do you do? I would struggle to answer. So when I found other women who had similar businesses to mine, we banded together like long-lost family members. We started to get together to talk through our business strategies, chat about client situations, and share our best practices. One of the questions that came up the most was what do we call ourselves? And one day out of the blue, it came to us.

We are after loss professionals.

We are the people other people count on when it comes to the nitty gritty details surrounding death. Caregiving, estate organization or clean out, digital assets, memorial service planning, downsizing, transitions, you name it. Since discovering how much benefit we gained through connecting on a professional level, we realized we created something special. We had created a community specifically for after-loss professionals that we felt needed to be shared with the world. A place where others in the death industry can go to network, commiserate, partner-up, or just feel a sense of community with others in a similar line of business, and also a place for those seeking a career as an after-loss professional but who may not have the proper background or training yet.

That’s where business #2 comes in. I’d like to introduce you to PALS: Professionals in After Loss Services

In a nutshell the purpose of PALS is:

  • To create a support network for industry professionals who provide services to individuals and families after the loss of a loved one
  • To create a common definition for the work of businesses in the after loss services space and raise awareness that these businesses exist
  • To connect related products and services to the businesses that specialize in serving clients after the loss of a loved one

PALS is dedicated to helping individuals and families manage the unavoidable tasks and affairs of losing someone they love. 


Are you or someone you know interested in becoming an after loss professional or in learning more how to help families with the administrative tasks of death and dying? Applications are now open for the fall cohort of the PALS Training Program™ which you can learn more about and apply to here.

Are you interested in becoming a business partner of PALS? Just reply to this email and let’s talk. Or, you can keep an eye out for when our PALS Partners program opens here.

Or are you just along for the ride on this crazy train? Then please give PALS a follow on LinkedInInstagram or Facebook.

Thank you so much for your support of AfterLight (formerly Black Dress Consultants) thus far, and your ongoing support of PALS now, too!